What are online pawn payments?

Online pawn payments are payments made online towards your Cash Converters Pawn Loans. Traditionally you would have to visit a Cash Converters store to make a payment towards your Pawn Loan, but with online pawn payments, you can make a payment at any time and from anywhere there is internet available.

How do I log in to my online pawn payments account for the first time?

To log in to your online pawn payments account for the first time, use the username and default password provided to you by the store where you took out your Pawn Loan from. This will be sent to you via email and SMS to the valid email address and valid mobile number you provided when applying for your Pawn Loan.
Once you have successfully logged in to your online pawn payments account, we recommend you change your default password.

How do online pawn payments work?

Online pawn payments are manual account to account transfers, from your bank account to Cash Converters’ bank account.
We use a safe and secure third party partner called Windcave to facilitate the transfers. To find out more about Windcave visit their website here: https://www.windcave.com/

Is there a minimum total payment?

Yes, a minimum of $5.00 total needs be made in order to process an online pawn payment.

Can I pay for pawns individually or do I need to make a minimum payment towards all pawns?

You can make a payment towards one pawn or multiple, as long as the minimum total payment for the transaction is $5.00.
For example:

  • you can make a $5.00 payment towards pawn 1 or,
  • you can make a $3.00 payment towards pawn 1 and a $2.00 payment towards pawn 2.

What if I pay the redemption amount on my pawn through an online pawn payment?

If you pay the redemption amount through an online pawn payment, your item will be held by the store holding your pawned item until your next visit to the store to claim your item.
The store holding your pawned item will make reasonable effort to contact you to pick up your item.

Are there any fees with making an online pawn payment?

There are no additional fees for making an online payment towards your Pawn Loan(s).